How I made $ 2 Million in the stock market : Review of an underrated autobiography .

Author : Nicolas Darvas

Category :    Autobiography,Investment

Pages : 216

Published In : 2014 


how i made $2 million in the stock market

Online stores are filled with a books claiming how making money in the stock market is easy. And how they have made millions in very short period of time. Although based on title, this book seems to fit in same category but in reality it is  very interesting and adventurous  biography of person who learned from his mistakes and eventually achieved great success in stock market.

Author of this book Nicolas Darvas. A dancer who accidentally came across stock deal and unwillingly bought it from his client. When we looked in newspaper after few months he was shocked because stock he bought had doubled in value. This incident made Nichols to take a look at what stock market actually is. 

Reader can connect his story with their own because he made all mistake that new investor make in market like initially working on tips and  taking  advice people who claim to be professional investors, buying on recommendation of broker in the process he  loose lot of money. To the extent that he almost got broke.

How i made $2 million in stock market.

After realizing that this things won’t work he started to learn himself. He learned each and every term in capital market, learned fundamental  that even didn’t work for him. Then he moved on to technical analysis. Eventually he created his own techno-fundamental theory that made him millions.

Life of Nicholas is filled with many interesting incidents.

  • At one point of time in his life by doing deep fundamental analysis he found one stock that he thought will make him fortune. He was so confident on his move that he took a loan on many of this assets to buy in bulk. But opposite to his anticipation stock stared to fall and halved in matter of months. Because of this Nicholas was on the verge of bankruptcy.
  • It is very interesting that Nicholas made his first half million when he was on world Dance tour. He used to get telegram from his broker stating stock quotes of few stocks . Nicolas would do his analysis based only that paper and Barron’s magazine.

His technique was so powerful that he got out from all his stocks before recession started without knowing anything that there will be recession.

  • Nicholas journey is not that straightforward as it looks. When he returned from World Tour he visited to his broker office and started to do trades from there. He stopped following his technique that made him his first half million.
how I made $2 million in the stock market

At broker’s office he got driven away by stock ticker and noises that hear from other traders. Panic and enthusiasm t office made him to make same mistakes that he made in his initial days . Because of this he almost lost everything he gained.

  • Nicholas understood his mistake and  never went to brokerage house again instead he started living nocturnal life, Sleeping when all market is working and working(analyzing stocks) when whole world is sleeping.

This book is not just a interesting biography but a guide of how investors  approach should be while working in stock market.

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