Best Sources to Get Macro economic Data For Analysis.

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best sources to get macro economic data for analysis

Macro economic analysis is very broad and complex subject we have to keep track on huge amount of factors such as inflation, employment, credit availability, production, import exports and commodity prices like oil etc.

For ease in doing analysis clear and precise information is necessary. But it is not that easy as info on various economic variables is not available at one place. Also sometimes we don’t know what exactly we want.

For this here is list of few websites(sources) that provide reliable and very well organised data for macro economic analysis.

The World Bank

There are probably more than 500 variables of on 150+ countries on which world bank publishes data. Its website has very good user interface we can obtain graph of each indicator also we can compare data of two countries on graph.

This website not focused to provide economic data but we can do very in depth analysis using database of this website.

Sections of this website

Here you can search variables or countries to get data. When you click on countries you get alphabetical list of all countries and when clicked on indicators you get list of all sectors on which indicators are available.

AgricultureEconomyExternal DebtFinancial Sector
Aid EffectiveEducation Gender HealthPublic Sector
Climate ChangeEnvironmentInfrastructureTrade
Rural DevelopmentPrivate SectorSocial DevelopmentPoverty
worldbank data - best sources to get data for macro economic analysis.

Data on different economic variables from 1990 is available here . You can download it in charts as well as in tables.

databank from worldbank

Collection of working papers, research reports which has deep discussion on particular aspect of world trade and economy.

knowled repositoey - best sources to get macro economic data for analysis.

All this reports are freely downloadable.


  • Data is downloadable in CSV, EXCEL and XML format for free.
  • For getting daily updates you can signup to newsletter.
  • Great inter-phase for macroeconomic analysis.

International Monetary Fund

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an international organization, headquartered in Washington, D.C., consisting of 189 countries working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty.

Other than just fetching indicators if you  want to study world economy deeply then publications by international monetary can be great reads for you it contains annual reports, books, economic research reports and working papers, how to reports and many more things.

  • World Economic Outlook
  • Monetary Financial Statistics.
  • Global stability report.


IMF maintains blog where there are articles on topics such as global economy, financial markets, growth, government technology and many more.

international monetary fund blog

Same bifurcation like world bank data into indicators and counties. Interest rates is main data here.

international monetary fund  |data for macro economic analysis.

As said earlier that publications of IMF are very helpful. And main thing about all of this that they can be download freely.

International Monetary fund publications- best sources of data for macro economic analysis.


  • All publication are free
  • Podcast and Newsletter is available.
  • All database if freely available.

Trading Economics

Trading economics covers wide range of services but one service which is particularly distinct from other is its global economic news stream column . I find it more informative than other any news service out there and you don’t have to jump from one site to  another to get news of different countries.

It has multilingual support  can be translated in 24 languages.

Most helpful window for me was bond yields of different countries for different periods.


All types of commodities like agricultural products, precious metals, natural gas, industrial metals and commodities index is shown hare with daily changes.

trading economics commodities

Divisions of indicator are as follows :

Price MarketBusinessGDP
trading economics

Some main indicators for macro economic analysis are found here.

  • Consumer Confidence
  • Business Confidence
  • Capacity Utilization
  • Steel production
  • Household Debt to GDP
  • Housing Index
  • Credit rating of country.
trading economics - best sources to macro economic data


  • Market forecast section.
  • Claims to have 20 million economic indicators.
  • All stock market indices at one place.
  • All indicators are available in bar charts and line charts.
  • Have data archive of last 50+ years.


Not all services hare are free. For exporting data you have to register as a member which has certain fees. But most of the things are freely accessible.


If you want data that covers very long horizon of time then macrotrend is best site for it.  Most charts on this website covers data of 50-70 years and even more in some cases.

For commodity price analysis I think this website has best data of all commodities traded throughout the world.

Along with macroeconomic data other services like stock research and stock screener are also available. Financial statement analysis can be done here properly. All financial data since inception of the company is available here and that too with visual charts.


Website is so simply structured that no sections needs to be divided. You can get whatever you want in just three clicks at maximum.


  • Finding anything you want is really simple from homepage.
  • 100+ years of inflation adjusted data for major indices in the world.
  • Quick tabular data download in excel.
  • Recessions marked in chart.
  • Log scale to get better visual understanding.
macrotrends  sections  one of the best sources to get data for macro economic analysis.


This site provide lot of indicators related to balance of payment, GDP, transportation and telecommunication, crude oil productions extraction and import and many more.

ceic home

There is one indicator which especially caught my attention is new orders growth. This is very useful leading economic indicator to predict future direction of an economy. Indicator shows quarterly figure for some counties while monthly figure for others.

Site has free newsletter for daily updates. Talking about indications most of them are free but there is also premium data available.

ceic newsletter


  • Interactive data charts.
  • All economic indicators in one page.
  • Free newsletter.
  • Most of the data is free.
CEIC interactive charts for macro economic analysis and other necessary data.

These are some of the best sites for macro economic analysis. But if you are doing analysis of economy of particular country then surely visit website of central bank of that country.

For example Reserve bank of India is central bank for India. It publishes many monthly quarterly and annual reports that contain everything about economy of India.

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